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Band Expectations

email: for any questions

On Time:

30 mintues late: $50 deduction in pay. 

1 hour late: $100 deduction in pay. 


Bathe, shower and wash your hair regularly. Use soap to bathe. Use deodorant or antiperspirant daily, especially if you tend to sweat during the course of the work day.

STAGE:(Not Mandatory)

Recommended Stage size is 20’ x 18’; If stage or area available is smaller please

contact ( to make sure it will work. While not

mandatory, a stage will enhance your guest’s enjoyment of the band, as the band being clearly seen creates a more interactive band/guest experience. If no stage, the band requires a dry, flat area free from debris with the above dimensions. The performance area must be protected from rain or any other weather that might negatively affect the band’s equipment. If the performance area is not protected, any damage caused by weather is the purchaser’s responsibility.


If possible, enough space for a large cargo van (Some bands require

additional parking for van +12ft. trailer + one full size car)

BREAK ROOM:(Not Mandatory)

One break room/dressing room which can also be used to store

instrument cases during the performance.


TWO bottled waters (preferably room temperature for vocalists) + ONE hot meal per band member as well as the sound engineer and tech if applicable. Please refrain from providing low nourishing food that can impact performance (i.e. pizza, fast food, sandwich shops)]

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