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Tasteful Tea Band's Top 5 Songs for Wedding Reception Music

Atlanta Georgia Tasteful Tea Band

We've performed at hundreds of weddings at this point, and the vibe for each one is always the same despite the audience: Start out with easy and soft classics for the older crowd, amp up the energy with classics for all generations, and then end the night with the most unforgettable high energy performance for the young audience that sticks around!

Playing for groups at weddings can be a challenge. Couples often invite their cousins, sisters, uncles, grandparents, nieces, nephews, etc. This means that the average crowd age can vary from ages 6-90! HOW do you cater a music setlist to a group of people with such a wide age range? Thankfully that's a challenge that Tasteful Tea Band is up for because we understand JUST the right popular music hits that will get everyone from age 6-90 on the dance floor.

Song #1 - Superstition - Stevie Wonder

This song is ICONIC. The piano solo at the beginning starts getting the crowd interested in what this band is about to do, then the DRUMS come in with a heavy hitting bass drum, and finally we add in the vocals/guitar/bass to the mix. We love to play it like no other wedding band: Just like the record.

Song #2 - Dancing Queen - ABBA

This is definitely the "besties anthem" for ALL generations. We love seeing friends hold hands as they dance in circles around the dance floor for this one!

"This band delivered!! Best vocalist I've ever heard from a wedding band. They entertained a large crowd of 150+ of all ages. The dance floor was packed all night. They really know how to get you on the dance floor and keep you there." - Jason Greene

Song #3 - Uptown Funk - Mark Ronson ft Bruno Mars

This is one of our personal favorites to perform. Some of the crowd's favorite parts to chant back to us are "DON'T BELIEVE ME JUST WATCH", "HOT DANG" , and "GIRLS HIT YOUR HALLELUJAH- OOH".

Depending on the wedding location, we love to change the words from "Jackson, Mississippi" to whatever city we're playing at that night. The crowd LOVES it when they notice it!

Song #4 - I Wanna Dance With Somebody - Whitney Houston

This song works for getting everyone on the dance floor to "dance with somebody"! This is the one where people call out their besties from their tables to join them on the dance floor to make sure they're not dancing alone!

Song #5 - Don't Stop Believin' - Journey

This is the song where the wedding guests get out their imaginary microphones to sing along to the top of their lungs. It's always a quintessential 90's film moment every time this one comes around. Speaking of 90's films, we actually have a set list on our website that separates the breadth of music we perform into decade categories. The link to the rest of our setlist can be found here.

Leave the Wedding Reception Music Song Selections to the Pros

Book us NOW, and we can be sure to make sure that all of the music you want played for your wedding reception will be heard either live by Tasteful Tea Band, or played via MP3 over our professional PA system during our band's breaks! Be sure to leave us a comment if you found this blog helpful!

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